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6 May - International No Diet Day

Published on May 06, 2024
Current Context: International No Diet Day, observed on 6th May every year, is a day dedicated to promoting body acceptance, diversity, and respect for all body shapes and sizes.
6 May - International No Diet Day
  • It aims to challenge diet culture, promote healthy relationships with food, raise questions about the safety and efficacy of commercial diets, honor the victims of eating disorders and weight-loss surgeries, and encourage individuals to avoid fixating on their body weight for the day.
  • The day was first observed in the United Kingdom by British feminist Mary Evans Young, who was inspired by her struggles with body acceptance and anorexia.
  • The theme for International No Diet Day 2024 is “Embrace Yourself: Reject Diet Culture, Love You”, emphasizing the importance of self-acceptance and rejecting societal pressures to conform to narrow beauty standards.
  • It encourages individuals to love themselves as they are and to prioritize their mental and physical well-being over restrictive diets.


Q.1 Who first observed International No Diet Day in the United Kingdom?
a. Mary Evans Young
b. Jane Austen
c. Emily Bronte
d. Virginia Woolf
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