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Current Affairs One - Liner : 22nd May 2024

Published on May 22, 2024
  • National:
    • Indian railway consultancy RITES signed a deal to supply Bangladesh with 200 passenger train coaches in a $111 million contract. This boosts India's railway exports and strengthens India-Bangladesh infrastructure ties.
Current Affairs One - Liner : 22nd May 2024
    • Tata Steel's agreement with the UK's Electricity System Operator (ESO) likely involves ensuring reliable and sustainable power supply for their Green Steel Project at Port Talbot. Green steel typically refers to production processes that minimize carbon emissions, often using renewable energy sources or carbon capture technology.
    • The European Union (EU) recently passed the ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act), making it the world's first major legislation for regulating artificial intelligence. This law aims to balance promoting innovation in AI with ensuring its safe and ethical development.
    • The Karnataka government implemented a policy reserving 33% of government contract jobs for women in December 2023. This applies to outsourced positions across various departments, aiming to increase female representation in the workforce.
    • The National Commission for Backward Classes (NCBC) reported a significant rise in SC student enrollment between 2014 and 2022. There was a 44% increase, with the number going from 4.61 million to 6.62 million students.
  • Banking:
    • The Receivables Exchange of India Ltd (RXIL), a platform for MSME invoice financing, crossed a milestone of ₹1 lakh crore in financing on May 22, 2024. This was achieved by financing over 50 lakh invoices. RXIL, a joint venture of SIDBI, NSE, State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, and YES Bank, provides working capital solutions for MSMEs. It aims to finance ₹75,000 crore worth of invoices in FY25.
  • Economy:
    • The Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO) has projected that India’s merchandise exports will grow to USD 500-510 billion by the end of FY25. This growth is expected to be led by technology-driven sectors. Despite a drop in exports in FY24, the FIEO remains optimistic about achieving these figures.
    • ONGC managed to achieve its highest-ever profit in FY24. They reported a standalone net profit of ₹40,526 crore, exceeding the prior year's ₹40,097 crore. This impressive feat is likely due to factors like increased crude oil production and a rise in the price per barrel of oil.
  • Mous:
    • On May 20, 2024, the Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying (DAHD) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) India signed an MoU at the UNDP Country office in New Delhi. The aim is to digitalize vaccine cold chain management, enhance capacity building, and improve communication planning in India.
  • Science & Technology:
    • NASA's recently launched PREFIRE mission consists of twin CubeSats designed to investigate Earth's heat loss from the polar regions. Launched in May 2024, the first satellite, "Ready, Aim, PREFIRE", began its mission on May 22nd with the second one following shortly after. PREFIRE aims to improve our understanding of how heat escapes Earth, especially in the Arctic.
  • Important Days:
    • World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development did indeed take place on May 21st, 2024. This UN-sanctioned day celebrates the richness of the world's cultures and the importance of intercultural dialogue for achieving peace and sustainable development.
    • Tea Day was indeed celebrated on May 21st, 2024. It's a day to recognize the significance of tea around the world, from its rich history and cultural importance to its economic impact and health benefits.
  • Appointments:
    • The Dominican Republic re-elects President Abinader, known for his anti-corruption stance and tough policies on Haitian migration. Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader was re-elected on May 19 for another four-year term.


Q1. What is the primary objective of NASA's PREFIRE mission?

  • A) Studying ocean currents
  • B) Investigating Earth's heat loss from polar regions
  • C) Monitoring volcanic activity
  • D) Analyzing atmospheric pollution

Answer: B) Investigating Earth's heat loss from polar regions

Q2. What was the primary focus of the MoU signed between DAHD and UNDP India on May 20, 2024?

  • A) Digitalizing vaccine cold chain management
  • B) Enhancing wildlife conservation efforts
  • C) Improving agricultural exports
  • D) Promoting organic farming

Answer: A) Digitalizing vaccine cold chain management

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