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Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has announced new driving licence rules

Published on May 25, 2024
Current Context: The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has announced new driving licence rules that will come into effect from June 1, 2024.
Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has announced new driving licence rules
  • Here are the key changes:
    • No RTO driving test required: Applicants no longer need to take a driving test at the Regional Transport Office (RTO). Instead, the driving test can be conducted at accredited private driving schools. If the applicant passes the test at these schools, they will receive a certificate, which can then be used to apply for a driving licence without undergoing further testing at the RTO.
    • Penalties: Driving a car without a valid licence now incurs a penalty that can go as high as ₹2,000. Severe punishments for minors driving include a ₹25,000 fine and potential action against the parents, along with the cancellation of the vehicle’s registration certificate.
    • Eco-friendly approach: The Ministry plans to phase out 9,000 outdated government vehicles and raise emission standards for other vehicles. These measures are part of a broader strategy to reduce vehicular pollution and promote the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs).
    • Procedure unchanged: The procedure for applying for a driver’s licence remains unchanged. However, the Ministry has simplified the paperwork required for obtaining a new driving licence.
    • Driving training centres: These centres are required to have a minimum of one acre of land (two acres for four-wheeler training). Schools must offer access to an appropriate testing facility. Trainers must possess a high school diploma (or equivalent), have a minimum of five years of driving experience, and be knowledgeable about biometrics and IT systems.
    • Driving course: The driving course for light motor vehicles will be 29 hours over a maximum of four weeks, split into 21 hours of practical training and eight hours of theoretical instruction. Training for medium and heavy vehicles will be more extensive, requiring 38 hours over six weeks.


1. Where can the driving test be conducted under the new rules?

  • A) Only at the Regional Transport Office (RTO)
  • B) At accredited private driving schools
  • C) At any public school
  • D) At any government office
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