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Researchers Discovered “Super fluffy” Exoplanet with Cotton candy-like Density

Published on May 20, 2024
Current Context: Astronomers have discovered a new exoplanet named WASP-193b that’s being described as “super fluffy” due to its extraordinarily low density.
Researchers Discovered “Super fluffy” Exoplanet with Cotton candy-like Density
  • Here are some interesting facts about this discovery:
    • WASP-193b is located about 1,200 light years away from Earth.
    • It is 50% larger than Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, but it’s seven times less massive.
    • This gives it a density comparable to that of cotton candy, hence the nickname.
    • WASP-193b is the second lightest planet discovered, after the smaller, Neptune-like world, Kepler 51d.
    • The planet is mostly made of hydrogen and helium, which likely form a hugely inflated atmosphere.
    • This discovery is a promising key to the mystery of how such giant, super-light planets form.


Ques.1 What is the nickname of the exoplanet WASP-193b due to its extraordinarily low density?

  • a) Super Heavy
  • b) Super Small
  • c) Super Dense
  • d) Super Fluffy

Answer: d) Super Fluffy

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