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Assam Witness Protection Scheme, 2024

Published on June 28, 2024
Current Context: The Assam Witness Protection Scheme, 2024 is a recently approved initiative by the Assam government to safeguard witnesses during investigations and trials. It was introduced in June 2024.
Assam Witness Protection Scheme, 2024
  • Here's a summary of the scheme:
    • Goal: Ensure witness safety and encourage people to come forward with information in criminal cases.
    • Legal Basis: Aligns with Section 398 of the Bharatiya Nagarik Suraksha Sanhita, 2023, a national law for witness protection.
    • Implemented by: A State Witness Protection Authority and a dedicated fund
    • Protection Measures: These can include:
      • In-camera trials (closed to the public).
      • Security installations at witness homes (CCTV, alarms, etc.).
      • Close protection officers and security patrols near homes.
      • Temporary relocation program for witnesses at risk.
      • Escorts to and from court appearances.
      • Government transportation for court dates


1 What is the main goal of the Assam Witness Protection Scheme, 2024?

  • A) To improve the efficiency of the court system
  • B) To provide financial aid to victims of crime
  • C) To reduce the backlog of pending cases
  • D) To safeguard witnesses during investigations and trials
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