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The digital investing platform SmartWealth has been launched by HDFC Bank

Published on June 27, 2024
Current Context: HDFC Bank’s SmartWealth is an all-in-one digital investment platform that makes investing as easy as ordering a pizza . With SmartWealth, you can invest in mutual funds, bank deposits, stocks, and bonds for potentially superior returns without any hassle.
The digital investing platform SmartWealth has been launched by HDFC Bank
  • Here are some key features:
    • Seamless Onboarding: You can explore the app features pre-login without registration, making it easy to start investing right away.
    • Investment Profiling: Determine your investment profile (asset classes and investment style) through a simple questionnaire.
    • Portfolio Construction and Rebalancing: Customized portfolios aligned with your financial goals, along with rebalancing recommendations.
    • Milestone-Based Financial Planning: Visualize and aspire for life milestones while investing.
    • Engaging Dashboard: Get a holistic view of your investments, family wealth, SIP calendar, and more.
    • Consolidated Account Statements: View all your investments in one place with automated statements.
    • Virtual RM (Relationship Manager): Personalized assistance and real-time support.


1 What does HDFC Bank SmartWealth allow you to invest in?

  • A) Mutual funds only
  • B) Mutual funds, bank deposits, and stocks
  • C) Mutual funds, bank deposits, stocks, and bonds
  • D) Real estate and commodities
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