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Current Affairs Quiz: 17 October 2017

Published on October 17, 2017
1. Who has been selected for Mandd Sobhann Kalakar Puraskar 2017?
a. Govind Nath
b. Gopal Gowda
c. Gajraj Singh
d. Gurdeep Chowdhary

2. Name the programme launched by Mahindra and Mahindra to empower women working in the agriculture sector?
a. Prerna
b. Poorna
c. Pratibha
d. Preksha

3. Who is the chairman of the committee formed by SEBI on market infrastructure institutions?
a. S Ravindran 
b. Gopal Naik
c. Leo Puri
d. R Gandhi

4. Who has become the first Indian woman wrestler to be signed by the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)?
a. Babita Kumari
b. Kavita Devi
c. Sakshi Malik
d. Geeta Phogat

5.Who has been chosen for the Padma Prabha Puraskaram 2017?
a. Prahbu Varma
b. Prabha Varma
c. Prabhat Varma
d. Prabh Varma


  1. b. Gopal Gowda
  2. a. Prerna
  3. d. R Gandhi
  4. b. Kavita Devi
  5. b. Prabha Varma
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