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A Robocop Prototype Launched in Hyderabad

Published on December 31, 2017
Hyderabad will soon get its first “Robocop”. The prototype of this policing robot “Robocop” was launched by Telangana Information Technology Secretary Jayesh Ranjan in Hyderabad on 29th December 2017.

  • It was presented by H-Bots Robotics founder Kisshhan PSV and his team in Hyderabad. H-Bots is a Hyderabad based Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning startup. 
  • Its beta version was launched in the city and now it would be tested for the next six months before it commercial deployment in July 2018. 
  • The company plans to manufacture 700 such units by 2020 by producing 70 robots per year. 

Features of the robot

  • It is a 5 feet and 7 inches tall robot, weighing 43kg that will act as a smart police robot. 
  • It is capable of recording audios and video clips, taking complaints, detecting metals, detecting bombs, 360-degree eye level surveillance, identifying the suspects, monitoring the temperature etc. 
  • It is a completely indigenous robot, made up of nylon plastic and comprises a multi-touch screen. This nylon plastic is said to be tenfold stronger than the normal plastic. 
  • This robot is capable of recognising voice and interacting in English with an aim to recognise Telugu and Hindi very soon. 
  • It is equipped with cameras and sensors connected to GPS. 
  • This policing robot has an AI unit inside and can work round-the-clock with its superior quality surveillance capabilities. 
  • It is expected to be familiar with basic policing work, regulation of traffic and details of the Indian Penal Code. 
  • It is programmed to blow a siren in case someone tries to tamper with it. 
  • It is not yet capable of chasing down the criminals. 
  • At present, it is capable of assisting people at the public places like the malls, streets, Railway stations, Airports etc. 
  • Gradually it can be used to carry out basic police work such as registering the cases. 

How does it work?

  • At present, it is capable of being placed in a locality where the localities can lodge their complaints with its help. The complaints can be lodged through audio, video or photos. 
  • People can also utilize the emergency services. 
  • This robot can be installed at the police station so as to act as an informant and can also be deployed in the public places. 
  • It can be deployed for security and law enforcement in the cities. 
  • It has been supported by the Telangana Police and Assam Police. 

Test Yourself

Which Indian State has recently unveiled a smart policing robot prototype? 
Answer- Hyderabad
Who is the Chief Minister of Telangana? 
Answer- K Chandrashekar Rao

By when it is planned to be deployed commercially? 
Answer- by June 2018

Which country/city had recruited world’s first robot police officer? 
Answer- Dubai, UAE

On the occasion of launch, the H-Bots signed an MOU with which country for the supply of robots? 
Answer- Thailand (Amigo Group)
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