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Humanoid Sophia on India’s visit

Published on January 01, 2018
Humanoid Sophia is the first ever robot in the world to be recognized as a citizen. Sophia is granted citizenship by Saudi Arabia.
Humanoid Sophia on India’s visit
  • Sophia was on her maiden visit to India where she said that there should be collaboration between humans and robots instead of the competition.
  • She greeted the audience with a “Namaste” at the IIT Bombay Tech fest.
  • She was dresses on an off-white saree with an orange blouse and was involved in an interview sort of a conversation.
  • She further mentioned that she was learning the social and creative skills of humans.
  • The developments in Artificial Intelligence will help in self-learning in the future and will enhance machine learning.

What exactly is Sophia?

  • Sophia is a social human robot developed by a Hong Kong based company.
  • She was granted citizenship by Saudi Arabia in October 2017 thus becoming the first robot ever to do so.
  • This robot Sophia is modelled after actress Audrey Hepburn.
  • It is known for its human like appearance and behaviour. She can even imitate human gestures and facial expressions and is able to answer questions and make simple conversations. 

Test Yourself

Name India’s first 3D printed humanoid robot
Answer- Manav

India’s first banking robot “Lakshmi” unveiled in Chennai was launched by which bank?
Answer- City Union Bank

Which bank launched the humanoid robot “IRA” for customer service?
Answer- HDFC Bank

Which Indian bank became the first bank to deploy “software robots”?
Answer- ICICI Bank

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