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Brazzaville Declaration Signed to Protect World’s Largest Tropical Peatland

Published on March 27, 2018
In order to protect world' largest tropical peatland "Cuvette Centrale", Brazville declaration has been signed off. The declaration aims at promoting better management and conservation of tropical peatland located in Congo Basic.

Jointly signed by Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo and Indonesia with an objective to prevent the unregulated land use, drainage and degradation.
Brazzaville Declaration Signed to Protect World’s Largest Tropical Peatland


The Cuvette Centrale is at stake in the protection. The equivalent of three years of global greenhouse gas emissions are stored in the Congo Basin, emissions that could be released if the peatlands are degraded or the natural wetlands drained. To preserve the future of these valuable natural peatlands, the DRC and the Republic of Congo established a transboundary collaboration agreement. The agreement noted the importance of good land use and infrastructure planning that takes the nature of peatlands into account.

Significance of Brazzaville Declaration

Brazzaville declaration aims to implement coordination and cooperation between different government sectors to protect the benefits provided by peatland ecosystems. It also recognizes the importance of the scientific breakthrough of mapping the world’s largest tropical peatland area.

Expected Questions

1. Which of the following declarations has been signed to protect world's largest tropical peatland?
a. Congo Declaration
b. Brazil Declaration
c. Brazzaville Declaration
d. Indonesia Declaration

Which of the following is the largest tropical peatland in the world?
a. Brazzaville
b. Belarus
c. Brazil 
d. None of these

Brazzaville tropical peatland is located in which of the following river basins?
a. Río de la Plata river basin
b. Nile river basin
c. Amazon river basin
d. Congo river basin 
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