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Current Affairs Quiz: 6 March 2018

Published on March 06, 2018
1. Who among the following has become first Indian woman to win gold at Asian Wrestling Championships 2018?
a. Vinesh Phogat
b.  Navjot Kaur
c. Sakshi Malik
d. Sangeeta Phogat

2. Bajrang Punia belongs to which of the following sports?
a. Wrestling
b. Boxing
c. Weight-lifting
d. None of the above

3. Which of the following countries is not a part of the agreement signed to build an atomic energy plant at Rooppur?
a. India
b. Russia
c. Nepal
d. Bangladesh

4. Where will India's first atomic energy venture abroad be built?
a. Bangladesh
b. Russia
c. Sri Lanka
d. Nepal

5. Name India's first atomic energy venture located abroad.
a. Hussainpur Atomic Plant
b. Rooppur Atomic Plant
c.  Rangpur Atomic Plant
d. Bogra Atomic Plant

6. Which of the following awards are also called Oscar?
a. Grammy Awards
b. Academy Awards
c. Tony Awards
d. Emmy Awards

7. Who among the following designed the sculpture of Academy Awards?
a. George Spears
b. George Craig
c. George Clooney
d. George Stanley

8. Who among the following win the best actress award at the 90th Academy Awards 2018?
a. Greta Gerwig
b. Christopher Nolan
c. Frances McDormand
d. Jordan Peele

9. Which of the following movies won the best picture award at the 90th Academy Awards 2018?
a. The Shape of Water
b. Dunkirk
c. Lady Bird
d. Get Out

10. Which of the following funds was initiated to make 8 Indian cities safe for women?
a. Nirbhaya Fund
b. Nari Shakti Fund
c. Saksham Fund
d. Gudiya Fund

11. Which of the following ministries launched Nirbhaya Fund in 2013?
a. Ministry of Women and Child Development
b. Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
c. Ministry of Finance
d. Ministry of Planning

12. How many cities are opted to make safe for women with Nirbhaya Fund?
a. 5
b. 9
c. 7
d. 8

13. Which of the following is not one of the eight cities to be made safe for women with Nirbhaya Fund?
a. Delhi
b. Hyderabad
c. Mumbai
d. Lucknow

14. Under which of the following acts does the "Fugitive Economic Offenders Bill 2018" propose to set up special courts?
a. Indian Contract Act 1872
b. Prevention of Money-laundering Act, 2002
c. Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act
d. Prevention of Blackmarketing


  1. b.  Navjot Kaur
  2. a. Wrestling
  3. c. Nepal
  4. a. Bangladesh
  5. b. Rooppur Atomic Plant
  6. b. Academy Awards
  7. d. George Stanley
  8. c. Frances McDormand
  9. a. The Shape of Water 
  10. a. Nirbhaya Fund
  11. c. Ministry of Finance
  12. d. 8
  13. b. Hyderabad
  14. b. Prevention of Money-laundering Act, 2002 
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