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Military Strength Ranking 2017: India Ranks 4th

Published on March 07, 2018
According to the Military Strength Ranking 2017 released by Global Firepower, India has been placed at 4th place among the top five military powers in the world.

The index that ranked 133 countries on the basis of their global military powers has placed the USA as the ace military power in the world while Russia and China secured second and third spot respectively.

About Military Strength Ranking

Military Strength Ranking is prepared after assessing the countries over 50 parameters and including military resources, natural resources, industry and geographical features and available manpower. The index not only relies upon a country's total number of weapons but focus on the weapon diversity also. The index didn’t count nuclear stockpiles for the ranking but points were given for nuclear capability, whether recognised or suspected. Defence budget allocation also plays a key role in the index.

India's Performance

 India led the way in all aspects except the number of attack helicopters, self-propelled artillery and waterway coverage.  India has 4,207,250 armed personnel and the total aircraft strength of India is 2102.  India currently spends $51 billion from its annual budget on the military, which is almost seven times more than what Pakistan does.
  • Total population: 1,266,883,598
  • Total military personnel: 4,207,250
  • Total aircraft: 2,102
  • Fighter aircraft: 676
  • Combat tanks: 4,426
  • Total naval assets: 295 
  • Defence budget: $51bn

Expected Questions

According to Military Strength Ranking 2017, prepared by Global Firepower, choose the correct order of the countries placed from 1sth to 5th rank.
a. France, Russia, USA, China, India
b. USA, Russia, China, India, France
c. Russia, USA, China, India, France
d. China, USA, India, France, Russia
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