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Current Affairs Quiz: 20 April 2018

1. Which of the following statement is incorrect for Atal Amrit Abhiyaan?
(i) seven group of diseases are covered in this scheme.
(ii) APL families will have to pay a nominal sum of Rs.200 for enrolment and renewal.
 (iii) individual of every eligible family per annum will be entitled to financial benefits of Rs 2 lakh.

a. All are incorrect
b. All are correct
c. Only (i) is incorrect.
d. Only (ii) and (iii) are incorrect
e. Only (i) and (ii) are incorrect.

2. ________________ is commemorated as the Civil Services Day in India. 
a.  5 July
b. 21 April
c. 8 June
d. 10 August
e. 9 September

3. The Group of Ministers (GoM) constituted by the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has recommended a One Nation One Tax Policy to ensure a seamless movement of commercial vehicles across the country. Who headed the GoM?
A.Mansukh L. Mandaviya
B.Karan Avtar Singh
C.Yoonus Khan.
D.K L Pawar.
E. Bhupendra Singh

4. The first official World Creativity and Innovation Day (#WCID) was organised on
a. April 21, 2018
b.  April 22, 2018
c April 23, 2018
d. April 24, 2018
e.  April 25, 2018

5. Ujjwala Diwas 2018 was observed on
a. April 20
b.  April 22
c April 24
d. April 26
e.  April 28

6. Name the programme launched by Government of India to attract foreign students to pursue higher education in India?
a. Pardes aya Swadesh ke Dwar
b. Videshi Sikhsha Abhiyan
c. Study in India
d. Bharatiya Sikhsha Abhiyan
e. None of these

7. A Defence Planning Committee (DPC) has been formed by the Union Government to formulate military, security strategy, to draft capability development plans and to supervise foreign deals. he Committee will be under the Chairmanship of the National Security Advisor named
a. Qasim Raza
b. Ajit Doval
c. Puneet Atwal
d. Tej Pratap Singh
e. Shewaz Sheikh


  1. e. Only (i) and (ii) are incorrect.
  2. 21 April
  3. Yoonus Khan.
  4. April 21, 2018
  5. April 20
  6. c. Study in India
  7. b. Ajit Doval
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