Current Affairs Quiz: 21-22 April 2018

Published on April 22, 2018
1. Swachhata Pakhwada was observed by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs from
A. 10th to 25th April, 2018.
B.16th to 30th April, 2018.
C. 15th to 30th April, 2018.
D. 5th to 15th April, 2018.
E. Other than the above

2. The nodal agency for e-Vidhan mission is the Ministry of
A.Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation
B.Ministry of Science and Technology
C.Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
D.Ministry of Communications
E. Parliamentary Affairs

3.  e-SANAD portal and NAD National Academic Depository belong to which of the following ministries?
A. Ministry of Communications
B.Ministry of Human Resource Development
C.Ministry of Science and Technology
D.Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation
E. Other than the above

4. Which of the following sports will be excluded from the 2022 Commonwealth Games?
A. Shooting
B. Lawn Balls
E. Golf

5. 2022 Commonwealth Games will be organised in
A. Australia
B. Malaysia
C. England
D. New Zealand
E. Scotland

6. Earth Day is observed on 
A. September 3
B. July 18
C. May 06
D. April 22
E. June 27

7. Earth Day 2018 theme is 
A. 'End Plastic Pollution
B. End Noise Pollution
C. Sustain Forests
D. Stop Soil Degradation
E. Help Nature Help Yourself


  1. B.16th to 30th April, 2018.
  2. E. Parliamentary Affairs
  3. B.Ministry of Human Resource Development
  4. A. Shooting
  5. C. England
  6. D. April 22
  7. A. 'End Plastic Pollution

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