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Current Affairs Quiz: 9-10 April 2018

Published on April 10, 2018
1. Name the professor who discovered the languages Walmiki and Malhar?
a. Pardeep Desai
b. Pratap Raj
c. Pushkar Nand
d. Prem Nath Goyal
e. Panchanan Mohanty

2. Which of the following two languages has been recently discovered by Prof. Pancham Mohanty?
a. Monpa and Lushai
b. Walmiki and Malhar
c. Bhiri and Halbi
d. Thar and Lamani
e. Bodo and Chiru

3. With which of the following countries has India joined hands to develop Inland Waterways for cargo movement?
a. China
b. Myanmar
c. Bangladesh
d. Nepal
e. Israel

4. Which of the following states has launched  Ganga Hariteema Yojana?
a. Uttar Pradesh
b. Himachal Pradesh
c. Chhatisgarh
d. Bihar
e. West Bengal

5. Ozone Day is observed on
a. November 11
b. March 4
c. September 16
d. August 22
e. May 5

6. Which of the followings stations of Bihar has got a makeover with Mithila Paintings?
a. Madhubani
b. Patna
c. Samstipur
d. Hajipur
e. Gaya

7. Which of the followings paintings has Bihar's Mithila railway station got a makeover?
a. Warli
b. Mithila
c. Kalighat
d. Pattachitra
e. Kalamkari

8. Which of the following measure is re-adopted by the Reserve Bank of India to estimate its growth?
a. Expenditure Method
b. Income Method
c. Gross Value Added Method
d. Gross Domestic Product Method
e. Othe than the above

9. In which of the following national parks was Assam's Spring Festival 2018 held?
a. Nameri National Park
b. Dibru-Saikhowa National Park
c. Manas National Park
d. Orang National Park
e. None of the above

10. Which of the following states has launched Uzhavan App?
a. Odisha
b. Tamil Nadu
c. Andhra Pradesh
d. Kerala
e. Telangana

11. Uzhavan App is launched for
a. employment generation
b. army personnel
c. railway employee
d. farmers
e. women safety


  1. e. Panchanan Mohanty
  2. b. Walmiki and Malhar
  3. d. Nepal
  4. a. Uttar Pradesh
  5. c. September 16
  6. a. Madhubani
  7. b. Mithila
  8. d. Gross Domestic Product Method
  9. c. Manas National Park
  10. b. Tamil Nadu
  11. d. farmers
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