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`Internet Saathi' Programme Expanded

Current context: Google India and Tata Trusts aims to expand their initiative called ‘Internet sathi’ to the villages of Punjab and Odisha.
 `Internet Saathi' Programme Expanded
  • Google India-Tata Trusts' is a combined initiative of Google India and Tata Trusts
  • It aims to facilitate digital literacy among rural women in India
  • The programme was launched in July 2015, and has trained 70,000 ‘Internate Saathis’ till date
  • It has reached 2.6 lakh villages across 18 states and decided to add Punjab and Odisha under its ambit
  • The programme has proved to be a crucial link towards bridging the digital gender divide in rural India
  • The Female to Male ratio has improved from 1 in 10 in 2015 to 4 in 10 in 2018
  • The programme was initiated as a pilot project in Rajasthan
  • It has made the rural women empowered to start their own micro-business, beauty parlours, honeybee farming etc.


‘Internet Saathi’ recently in news, is a combined initiative of Tata Trusts and_____?
a. Microsoft
b. IBM
c. Google India
d. Amazon
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