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Kerala to Get Support from World Bank

Current context: Kerala received its first tranche of $250 million from World Bank under ‘Resilient Kerala Initiative’.
 Kerala to Get Support from World Bank
  • Kerala’s Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan asked for support from the World Bank last year for bringing changes to reduce the risk of future disasters in Kerala
  • The move was after the August flood in Kerala in August last year
  • World Bank said it has signed up Kerala as its first ‘state partner’ in India
  • The partnership of the World Bank and Kerala government is called as ‘Resilient Kerala Initiative’
  • The initiative is an instrument to provide long term investment of $500 million to Kerala
  • The World Bank is acting as a project partner as well as a development partner of Kerala government
  • The project is not only about financing but also helping the state to build its institutional capabilities


‘Resilient Kerala Initiative’ is a partnership project between the Kerala government and ____?
a. IMF
b. World Bank
c. WTO
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