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World Population Day Observed on 11th July

Published on July 12, 2019
Current context: The Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare inaugurated a National Workshop on the World Population Day i.e.11th July 2019
World Population Day Observed on 11th July
  • The event marked the 25 years of International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD)

World Population Day:

  • World population Day is observed on 11th July every year
  • It was established by the United Nations Development Programme in 1989
  • It focuses attention on the urgency and importance of population issues, bring awareness and solutions to resolve growing population problems
  • China with 1.4 billion inhabitants (18.4 per cent of world population) remains the most populous country in the world followed by India with 1.3 billion inhabitants (17.7 per cent of world population)

About ICPD:

  • ICPD was held in Cairo in 1994 and was coordinated by the United Nations
  • Discussions on Variety of population issues, including birth control, family planning, the education of women, unsafe abortions held at the conference
  • Global consensus was made placing individual dignity and human rights at the centre, making the right to plan one’s family as the heart of development


Q.1 Which day is celebrated as the World population Day every year?
a. 10th May
b. 11th August
c. 11th July
d. 10th June
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