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MasterCard Identity Check Express

Current context: MasterCard has launched the Identity Check Express, a mobile-first authentication solution for online payment security.
MasterCard Identity Check Express
  • The authentication process is launched for Indian consumers to eliminate friction and enhance security in online payments.
  • The Identity Check Express was first displayed at the Global MasterCard Cybersecurity Summit.
  • The initiative has been taken as it was found that about 20% of mobile e-commerce transactions are abandoned mid-way, in an analysis done by MasterCard.
  • To provide an uninterrupted mobile payment experience, the MasterCard Identity Check Express includes the latest EMV 3-D Secure and FIDO authentication standards, device intelligence, and behavioural biometrics.
  • Onetime merchant-specific consent will be shared under the Identity Check Express, to offer a frictionless payment experience to MasterCard cardholders at leading merchants for an amount less than Rs 2,000.
  • The cardholders will be authenticated with a PIN for transactions greater than Rs 2,000.


Q.1 Which out of the following has launched the “Identity Check Express” for online payment security?
a. PayPal
b. Standard Chartered
c. American Express
d. MasterCard
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