Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act, 2019

Published on September 01, 2019
Current context: The Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act, 2019 that contains provisions for an increase in penalty/fine for a traffic rule violation, is made effective from 31st August 2019.
Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act, 2019

Silent features of the Act are:

  • A penalty of Rs 500 would be imposed for traffic violations in place of Rs 100 earlier.
  • Rs 2000 in place of Rs 500 (earlier) would be imposed on the disobedience of orders of authorities.
  • A penalty of Rs 10,000 would be levied for not giving way to emergency vehicles.
  • Rs 1 lakh would be fined on aggregators violating the driving licence.
  • A penalty in the range of Rs 1000- Rs 2000 for over-speeding.
  • Persons driving without helmets will be fined Rs 1,000 along with the 3-month suspension of licence.
  • Driving without insurance would get Rs 2000 fine.
  • Drunken Driving will cost a fine of Rs 10,000.


Q.1 Which Act was recently put into force for increasing the penalty/fine for a traffic rule violation?
a. Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act, 2018
b. Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act, 2019
c. Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act, 2017
d. Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act, 2016

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