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Booker Prize 2019

Current context: Bernardine Evaristo and Margaret Atwood have jointly won the 2019 Booker Prize.
Booker Prize 2019
  • Both the winners were at the tie and the award was jointly shared by the two.
  • As per the existing rules of the Booker’s Prize, the prize must not be divided between the winners i.e. there must be a single winner of the Prize.
  • The rule was made during the last tie in 1992.
  • But the judges said, they could not separate Atwood's - 'The Testament' and 'Girl, Woman, other' by Evaristo, who is the first black woman to win the prestigious award since its inception. 
  • After deliberations, the chairman of the five-member judging panel, Peter Florence, said to flout the rules.
  • British Indian novelist Salman Rushdie’s book 'Quichotte' was among the six books shortlisted for the prize.
  • Rushdie was shortlisted for the 5th time for the award including the 1981 win where he bagged the award for "Midnight's Children".


Q.1 The 2019 Booker Prize is won by?
a. Bernardine Evaristo
b. Margaret Atwood
c. Salman Rushdie
d. Both a and b
e. Both a and c
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