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World Post Day

Current context: The World Post Day is being observed on 9th October 2019.
World Post Day 
  • 1969 Universal Postal Congress in Tokyo, declared the Ninth of October as the World Post Day to mark the anniversary of the Universal Postal Union's (UPU) creation in 1874.
  • The union aimed to maintain a free flow of international mail around the world.
  • The aim of the day is to bring awareness to the Post's role in the everyday lives of people and their contribution to global social and economic development.
  • The UPU organises an international letter writing competition on the day for young people.
  • The establishment of UPU in 1874 opened the way for uninterrupted postal service and later in 1948, the UPU become an agency of the United Nations.


Q.1 The World Post Day is observed on?
a. 7th October
b. 8th November
c. 9th October
d. 10th December
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