Assam Zoo: 1st to Breed Endangered Hargila

Published on January 04, 2020
Current context: The Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden and Aaranyak have jointly attained the successful hatching of a pair of Greater Adjutant chicks (Hargila).
Assam Zoo: 1st to Breed Endangered Hargila
  • Although Greater Adjutant storks have been kept in zoos throughout the world, they have not successfully bred until now. The captive breeding of this species at Assam State Zoo ( also called Guwahati Zoo) is a great contribution to the conservation of this endangered species.
  • The major threat to the species is:
    1. Habitat loss
    2. Poaching and poisoning
    3. Cutting down of nesting trees by the tree owners
    4. Infrastructural construction resulted in a breeding failure
  • The Endangered Greater Adjutant stork (Leptoptilosdubius) is one of the rarest species of Storks out of twenty species of Storks in the world.
  • Eight species of residential storks are found in India, out of which Greater Adjutant is one of them that is restricted to a few isolated pockets in Assam and Bihar.
  • The hatching was done in an artificial platform within the zoo enclosure.


Q.1 In which Zoo of India, successful hatching of a pair of the endangered Greater Adjutant chicks (Hargila) was carried out recently?
a. Assam State Zoo
b. Manipur State zoo
c. Tripura State zoo
d. Meghalaya State zoo

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