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World Braille Day

Current context: The world Braille Day is being celebrated annually on 4th January across the world.
World Braille Day
  • The day is marked remembering the birth anniversary of Louis Braille, the inventor of Braille - for people with visual disabilities.
  • Louis Braille was born on 4th January 1809 in the town of Coupvray in northern France.
  • He invented the language of 6 dots- which is popularly known as braille after he lost both his eyes in an accident at the age of 3.
  • Braille is a tactile representation of alphabetic and numerical symbols using six dots to represent each letter and number, and even musical, mathematical and scientific symbols.
  • The day is observed to raise awareness of the importance of Braille as a means of communication in the full realization of the human rights for blind and partially sighted people.
  • The United Nations General Assembly choose the date via a proclamation in November 2018. The first World Braille Day was celebrated on 4th January 2019.


Q.1 The World Braille Day is observed across the world on ________?
a. 4th December
b. 4th January
c. 14th January
d. 24th December
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