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Christina Koch is Set to Return to Earth

Published on February 06, 2020
Current context: US astronaut Christina Koch is set to return to Earth on 6th February 2020.
Christina Koch is Set to Return to Earth
  • Christina Koch has shattered the spaceflight record for female astronauts by spending almost a year aboard the International Space Station (ISS).
  • Koch has spent 328 days on ISS, surpassing the previous record held by fellow American Peggy Whitson.
  • She is onboard the International Space Station since 14th March 2019.
  • She will come back in a Russian Soyuz spacecraft, parachuting down to a landing on the steppes of Kazakhstan.
  • Her stay is just 12 days short of the all-time US record set by Scott Kelly (Kelly was on the ISS from 2015-2016).
  • Koch also surpassed the 289-day record set by fellow American Whitson on 28 December 2019.


Q.1 US astronaut ________________ is in news for completing the longest-ever single spaceflight by a woman in Space?
a. Peggy Whitson
b. Christina Koch
c. Vladimir Dzhanibekov
d. Valeri Polyakov
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