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Exercise AJEYA WARRIOR 2020

Current context: The fifth edition of Exercise AJEYA WARRIOR-2020 between India and United Kingdom Army commenced on 13th Feb 2020 at Salisbury Plains, United Kingdom.
Exercise AJEYA WARRIOR 2020
  • The aim of the exercise is to conduct training of troops in counter-insurgency and counter-terrorist operations in both Urban and Semi-Urban areas.
  • Important lectures, demonstrations and drills related to counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations will be conducted as part of the exercise
  • The exercise will be culminating with a 72 hours joint exercise.
  • The focus of the exercise will be on the joint operation by soldiers on the conduct of counter-terrorist operations.
  • The exercise is conducted alternatively between the two countries.
  • Other exercises between Indian and UK are Emerald Mercury, Himalayan Warrior etc.


Q.1 The Exercise AJEYA WARRIOR-2020 is recently conducted between India and _______? 
a. Srilanka
b. UK
c. USA
d. France
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