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Current Affairs

Current Affairs One-Liner: 10th April 2020

  • Odisha has become the first state to extend the lockdown amidst COVID-19 till 30th April 2020 in order to bring in control the health situation in the state.
  • World Homoeopathy Day: 10th April 2020 is globally observed as World Homoeopathy Day. It is marked as the birth anniversary of the founder of Homeopathy Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.
    • Theme for 2020: ‘Linking Research with education and clinical practice: Advancing scientific collaborations’.
Current Affairs One-Liner: 10th April 2020


Q.1 Who is the author of the book ‘The art of her Deal: The untold story of Melania Trump’?
a. Dale Mayer
b. Mary Jordan
c. Susan Stoker
d. Kris Michaels

Q.2 When is World Homoeopathy Day marked?
a. 8 April
b. 9 April 
c. 10 April 
d. 11 April 

Q.3 Who has topped in ‘The Richest in 2020’ list released by Forbes? 
a. Mark Zuckerberg 
b. Jeff Bezos
c. Bill Gates 
d. Rob Walton 

Q.4 Which state has launched the "COVID-19 Monitoring System App" developed by Vera Smart Care? 
a. Andhra Pradesh 
b. Arunachal Pradesh 
c. Telangana 
d. Assam
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