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"DekhoApnaDesh" Webinar Series---By Ministry of Tourism

Current Context: Ministry of Tourism has launched its "DekhoApnaDesh" webinar series. The series has been launched to provide information about various destinations of our Incredible India and to detail and expand the cultural heritage of India.
"DekhoApnaDesh" Webinar Series---By Ministry of Tourism
  • The series is available on the Ministry's social media handles 'IncredibleIndia' on Instagram and Facebook.
  • The first webinar focused on capital state Delhi describing ling history of Delhi and it was titled as 'City of Cities- Delhi's Personal Diary'.
  • The Ministry will showcase the diverse and remarkable history and culture of India including its natural landscapes, monuments, cuisine, arts, dance forms, festivals and many other aspects of the rich Indian civilization.


Q.1 Ministry of Tourism launched the "DekhoApnaDesh" webinar series, the first webinar episode focused on which state or UT?
a. Maharashtra
b. Assam
c. Delhi
d. Jammu and Kashmir
"DekhoApnaDesh" Webinar Series---By Ministry of Tourism "DekhoApnaDesh" Webinar Series---By Ministry of Tourism Reviewed by Neha Verma on April 15, 2020 Rating: 5

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