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IIT-Kanpur- to Design Low Cost Portable Ventilator

Published on April 02, 2020
Current Context: To tackle the COVID-19 outbreak in the country, IIT-Kanpur is in the process of designing a low-cost portable ventilator that is used as life supporter.
IIT-Kanpur- to Design Low Cost Portable Ventilator
  • The portable ventilator will be cheaper than the ones which are available in the market.
  • It will be very vital equipment for COVID-19 sufferers, especially to those who are old and the virus can prove fatal to them.
  • The Bioscience and Bioengineering department of IIT-Kanpur is the designing and assembling team behind this portable ventilator.
  • Two graduates from the institute Harshit Rathore and Nikhil Kurule, who are the owners of the start-up ‘Nocia Robotics’ have developed a prototype of this portable ventilator.
  • The institute along with its nine members team will get ready with around 1000 portable ventilators within a month.


Q.1 Who developed a portable ventilator to support medical infrastructure amid the COVID-19 outbreak?
b. IIT-Madras
c. IIT-Kanpur
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