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India decides to Pull Out of Kavkaz 2020 Military Exercise

Published on August 31, 2020
Current Context: India has taken the decision to withdraw participation in Kavkaz 2020 military exercise.
India decides to Pull Out of Kavkaz 2020 Military Exercise
  • Kavkaz 2020 is the international military exercise was is to be held in Russia. 
  • The exercise will be held from 15th Sep 2020 to 26th Sep 2020. 
  • This year India has opted for withdrawal because of COVID-19 pandemic issues being faced in the country and participation of China’s troops.
  • The countries of SCO and Central Asian countries will be participating in the exercise. 
  • Static Part: 
    • Capital of Russia: Moscow
    • Currency of Russia: Rouble


Q.1 Recently, India has taken the decision to opt exit from which of the following military exercise?
a. Kavkaz
b. Indra
c. Multinational FTX
d. Nomadic Elephant

Q.2 Where will be Kavkaz 2020 military exercise held?
a. China
b. Pakistan
c. Russia
d. Kazakhstan
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