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‘Transparent Taxation-Honoring the Honest’ Platform

Published on August 13, 2020
Current Context: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched a platform called ‘Transparent Taxation-Honoring the Honest’.
‘Transparent Taxation-Honoring the Honest’ Platform

  • The platform is launched to carry forward the direct tax reforms and to honour the honest taxpayers.
  • There are three major reforms included in the platform: (A) Faceless Assessment (B) Faceless Appeal (C) Taxpayers Charter.
  • Among the three reforms, Faceless Assessment and Taxpayers Charter are brought into effect whereas Faceless Appeal reform will come into effect from 25th September 2020.
  • The platform is an initiative of CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes). 
  • Because of this platform, a transparent and accountable system using Data Analytics and AI will be achieved.
    • Faceless Assessment: Under this, the faceless team will handle all tax scrutiny matters. The faceless team will be chosen randomly by a computer, hence can be in any part of the country, not necessarily in the state where the matter comes up. Unnecessary tax disputes will be avoided by this reform.
    • Faceless Appeal: The tax appeal ids also made faceless due to this reform. The taxpayer can make tax appeal without physically interacting with the tax collector.
    • Taxpayers Charter: This reform is a big step in the country's development journey. Now the tax department will have to trust the taxpayers and will not be able to look at any taxpayer with distrust. The taxpayer will have the right to appeal in case of any dispute.
  • Static Part: 
    • HQ of CBDT: New Delhi
    • Chairman of CBDT: Pramod Chandra Mody


Q.1 Name the reform/reforms available in ‘Transparent Taxation-Honoring the Honest’ Platform?
a. Taxpayers Charter
b. Faceless Appeal
c. Faceless Assessment
d. All of the above
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