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EASE Banking Reforms Index 2.0

Published on September 10, 2020
Current Context: The EASE (Enhanced Access and Service Excellence) Banking Reforms Index 2.0 is framed by the Indian Banking Association (IBA).
EASE Banking Reforms Index 2.0 

  • As per EASE Banking Reforms Index 2.0, Bank of Baroda has marked the top position in the ranking list.
  • The State Bank of India and Oriental Bank of Commerce has marked the Second and Third rank position respectively. 
  • The index is prepared with an aim to achieve and analyse the positive changes in PSBs by having a healthy competition among them so that they can learn from each other and adapt to positive values so as to retain customer trust and be on the top position as trustworthy banks. 
  • Under this index, the Public Sector Bank’s performances are analysed and measured by more than 120 objective metrics which are based on six themes. 
  • The Six themes are: (1)Responsible Banking (2) Customer Responsiveness (3)Credit Off-take (4) Governance and HR (5) PSBs as Udayamimitra for MSMEs (6)Deepening Financial Inclusion and Digitalisation
  • Static Part: 
    • HQ of IBA: Mumbai
    • CEO of IBA: Sunil Mehta


Q.1 Which of the following bank topped the EASE Banking Reforms Index 2.0?
a. Punjab and National Bank
b. Oriental Bank of Commerce
c. State Bank of India
d. Bank of Baroda

Q.2 On the basis of which theme the EASE Banking Reforms Index 2.0 observed?
a. Responsible Banking
b. PSBs as Udayamimitra for MSMEs
c. Credit Off-take
d. All of the Above
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