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India’s GDP to Grow 5% in FY 2021-- UNCTAD

Published on March 20, 2021
Current Context: The UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has estimated that the Indian economy to contract by 6.9% in FY2020 amidst COVID-19, is forecast to record a ‘stronger recovery’, with growth by 5% in FY 2021.
India’s GDP to Grow 5% in FY 2021-- UNCTAD
  • It has also estimated that the global economy to grow by 4.7% in FY 2021
  • The accumulated real income loss relative to the pre-COVID-19 trend, 2020-2021 (% of GDP) for India is 27.7 per cent.
  • Static Part: 
    • HQ of UNCTAD: Geneva, Switzerland.


Q: 1: As per UNCTAD, India’s GDP to grow ___% in FY 2021?
a. 5%
b. 5.5%
c. 6%
d. 6.5%
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