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‘SWASTIIK’ Technology—By CSIR-NCL, Pune

Published on June 03, 2021
Current Context: The CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory (CSIR-NCL), Pune has launched a new technology called ‘SWASTIIK’.
‘SWASTIIK’ Technology—By CSIR-NCL, Pune
  • The ‘SWASTIIK’ technology uses natural oils to disinfect water.
  • The technology boils liquid as a result of pressure reduction or cavitation. It makes use of natural oils with antimicrobial properties to disinfect water.
  • The other techniques to disinfect water makes use of chemical such as chlorination which include the formation of harmful or carcinogenic by-products. Therefore, the ‘SWASTIIK’ technology is safe to disinfect water.
  • The technology comes against the backdrop of the National Jal Jeevan Mission (NJJM) and has issued an advisory to states and Union territories to monitor and survey water quality to ensure potable water during the second wave of the pandemic in India.
  • The technology was developed by Scientist Dr V.M. Bhandari and his group at CSIR-NCL Pune. They received the support from Water Technology Initiative of the department of science and technology (DST).
  • The ‘SWASTIIK’ technology can eliminate harmful bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant strains, economically. THE technology makes use of hydrodynamic cavitation and combines chemistry, biology, and chemical engineering approaches along with natural resources in the form of natural oils and plant extracts.


Q.1 For what purpose ‘SWASTIIK’ technology, which was developed by CSIR-NCL used?
a. To disinfect water using natural oils
b. To make use of natural pest control solutions for plants
c. To perform COVID test
d. Used in printing press equipments
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