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‘RBI Retail Direct’ Scheme

Published on July 15, 2021
Current Context: The Reserve Bank of India launched the ‘RBI Retail Direct’ Scheme.
‘RBI Retail Direct’ Scheme
  • The scheme will also support investment in Government Securities (G-Sec) by retail investors.
  • Under this scheme, the retail investors will be able to open and maintain their glit securities account named as ‘ Retail Direct Glit Account’ or simply RDG Account via an online portal with RBI.
  • Through the portal, the retail investors will be able to access primary issuance of G-Sec auctions and Negotiated Dealing System- Order Matching, which is the RBI platform for buying and selling G-Secs in the secondary market.
  • The scheme covers G-Secs like: (a) GOI Treasury Bills (b) GOI dated securities (c) Sovereign Gold Bonds (d) State Development Loans
  • The eligibility criteria for the retail investors who want to register for the scheme is: They need to have a rupee saving bank account in India, PAN details, Documents for KYC procedures, registered mobile number and email id.
  • Also, the NRI individuals who are eligible to make investments in G-Secs under Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999 are also eligible to take benefit of the scheme.
  • There is no fee associated to open an RDG Account. The account will be available for both primary and secondary market transactions.
  • During the bidding, the participation and allotment of securities will be as per the non-competitive bidding scheme framed by RBI. When the investors will make the payments, RBI will credit the securities to their RDG Accounts.
  • The investors are supposed to transfer funds to the designated account of CCIL (Clearing corporation of NDS-OM) online, before the start of trading hours or during the day.
  • Based on the actual transfer, a funding limit will be given to the investor for placing ‘buy’ orders.


Q.1 Which of the following Government Securities (G-Sec) are covered under the ‘RBI Retail Direct’ Scheme of RBI?
a. GOI dated securities
b. GOI Treasury Bills
c. State Development Loans
d. Sovereign Gold Bonds
e. All of the above
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