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‘Krishikarna’ Project-- Kerala

Published on August 01, 2021
Current Context: The state of Kerala has launched the ‘Krishikarna’ project.
‘Krishikarna’ Project-- Kerala
  • Under the ‘Krishikarna’ project, the mini polyhouse which is a kind of greenhouse will be constructed.
  • The project is the joint initiative of the National Society for Agricultural Horticulture (SAHS), the Sustainability Foundation and Qore3 Innovations.
  • Under this, SAHS will be promoting agricultural and gardening practices.
  • The Sustainability Foundation will work to promote sustainable development.
  • The Qore3 Innovations will provide support to the farms.
  • The polyhouse will be built on 2.5 cent land and the total estimated cost of each plastic house is Rs 2,35,000.
  • The innovations in the project are made by Aneesh N Raj who is an agronomist of Qore3 and has also won Kerala’s Best Hi-Tech Farmer Award.
  • The project will help to implement and promote high-tech agricultural practices in order to allow farmers to perform farm activities all the year without any negative impact of unprecedented climatic conditions on agriculture.
  • Through this project, the cultivation of long beans, tomato, salad cucumber, capsicum, chillies and leafy vegetables at the mini polyhouses will take place.
  • Static Part: 
    • CM of Kerala: Pinarayi Vijayan
    • Governor of Kerala: Arif Mohammed Khan


Q.1 Which entity launched the ‘Krishikarna’ project in Kerala, under which mini polyhouse will be constructed?
a. National Society for Agricultural Horticulture (SAHS)
b. Qore3 Innovations
c. Sustainability Foundation
d. All of the above
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