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PM Modi launched initiatives on 1st Anniversary of NEP

Published on August 01, 2021
Current Context: To mark the one successful year of the new National Education Policy (NEP), Prime Minister Narendra Mod launched several initiatives and schemes.
PM Modi launched initiatives on 1st Anniversary of NEP
  • NEP 2020 is the education policy that had replaced National Policy on Education in 1986. The new NEP 2020 is based on pillars like Access, Quality, Equity, Affordability and Accountability.
  • The initiatives launched by PM Modi are:
  • (a) Academic Bank of Credit (ABC): It will act as a digital bank that will store the credits earned by the students in any educational course. This initiative will offer academic mobility through formal mechanisms of credit accumulation, credit redemption and credit transfer. It will provide multiple entry and exit options for students in higher education, 1st year engineering programmes in regional languages and guidelines for the internationalisation of higher education.
  • (b) SAFAL Initiative: It signifies ‘Structured Assessment For Analysing Learning Levels’. It is a competency-based assessment framework for the students of Grade 3rd, 5th and 8th of the CBSE board. This initiative will help to analyse the progress of foundational schemes and outcomes of basic learning from students. It will offer developmental feedback to the schools.
  • (c) National Education Technology Forum (NETF): It will assist state and central governments, educational institutions to frame decisions about induction, deployment and technology usage.
  • (d) AICTE tool for regional languages: Under this, Higher Educational Institutions will avail regional languages as a mechanism to deliver programmes bilingually. This will increase access to education, understanding among the students if the concepts are made clear to them in the regional language they understand. Therefore, AICTE has developed an AI tool that will automatically translate courses into regional languages.
  • (e) NISHTHA 2.0: It is a teacher training programme. It is framed by NCERT. It aims to improve the quality of teaching. Therefore, the teachers and headmasters will be trained in an online manner through the DIKSHA Platform.
  • (f) National Digital Education Architecture (NDEAR): It aims to offer technological and digital support to India’s educational sector.
  • (g) Vidya Pravesh: It is a play-based school preparation module that is 3 months long for students in Grade 1. Though this an access to playschool will be made to the students from remote areas.
  • Static Part: 
    • Union Education Minister: Dharmendra Pradhan


Q.1 PM Modi launched the SAFAL initiative to mark the one successful year of the new National Education Policy (NEP). What does ‘S’ signifies in SAFAL?
a. Service
b. Standards
c. Students
d. Structured

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