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Published on March 09, 2022
Current Context: The Reserve Bank of India has launched UPI for the feature phone and it is named ‘UPI123Pay’.
  • Along with this, ‘DigiSaathi’ was also launched which is the 24x7 helpline facility for digital payments.
  • The new payments system for feature phone users named ‘UPI123Pay’ has four different technologies.
  • The one is through the use of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) numbers. In this, the number is dialed and a secured call can be initiated from a feature phone and after getting registered can start financial transactions without connection to the internet.
  • The second is through the use of apps on feature phones. Various UPI functions will be available on apps that run on feature phones and due to this all kinds of UPI transactions except scan and pay can be performed.
  • The third one involves proximity sound-based payments. In this, the sound waves are used to enable networking and have contactless offline and proximity data communication on any device.
  • The fourth is a quintessential Indian way, which is the missed call-based technique. The user will receive a callback from a standard number to authenticate and perform transactions.
  • The three-step process has to be followed to use UPI 123PAY.


Q.1 RBI launched UPI ___ for feature phone users?
b. PAY4U
c. Digi123
d. 123PAY
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