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EU recommends Ukraine and Moldova for membership

Published on June 20, 2022
Current Context: The European Union's executive recommended Ukraine and Moldova become candidates for membership, as developed economies in the world's largest trading bloc.
EU recommends Ukraine and Moldova for membership
  • EU countries have reservations about enlarging the bloc, Ukraine is backed by France, Germany, Italy, and Romania.
  • Apart from that Ukraine already has a free trade pact with the EU but applied to join days after Russia's invasion.
  • Ukraine and Moldova won independence in 1991, Besides Ukraine has sought EU candidate status since 2014.
  • In addition to that Georgia is also in search of relief as Russia fought a brief war with Georgia in 2008 and maintains a military presence in two disputed regions of the country.
  • But this enlargement policy has been stalled since 2018 because member states cannot agree on whether to admit other official candidates - Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Turkey.
  • The inclusion of both Ukraine and Moldova will help to tackle their internal crisis and also leads to their economic development.


Q.1 European Union recommend which of the following Countries as their members?
a. Turkey & Albania
b. Germany & France
c. Ukraine & Moldova
d. Afghanistan & Kazakistan
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