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Sixth NHA Estimates Report

Published on September 14, 2022
Current Context: The sixth National Health Accounts (NHA) Estimates Report was published by the National Health Systems Resource Centre (NHSRC).
Sixth NHA Estimates Report
  • The NHA Estimates Report was prepared for 2018-19 (FY19) by using an accounting framework based on the World Health Organization's System of Health Accounts, 2011.
  • The NHA report presented two estimates for the expenditure incurred within the health sector during FY19: Current Health Expenditure (CHE) and Total Health Expenditure (THE).
  • CHE includes the current expenditure that corresponds to the final consumption of health goods and services within a financial year. While THE corresponds to both, current and capital expenditure incurred in the health sector within a financial year.
  • The Report mentioned that the share of the Central government in total government health expenditure dropped to 34.3% in FY19 from 40.8% in FY18.
  • According to the report, the Central government's expenditure on health as a percentage of GDP also fell to 1.28% in FY19 from 1.35% in FY18.
  • It highlighted that the share of State governments in health expenditure has increased to 65.7% in FY19 from 59.2% in FY18.
  • The report also mentioned that the Social Safety Net for health expenditure increased from 9% in FY14 to 9.4% in FY19.
  • The report said that there was a rise in the share of Private Sector Insurance expenditure from 5.8% in FY18 to 6.6% in FY19.


Q.1 According to the latest National Health Accounts (NHA) Estimates Report, the central government's expenditure on health as a percentage of GDP was?
a. 1.15%
b. 1.28%
c. 1.35%
d. 1.80%

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