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Forest Declaration Assessment 2022

Published on October 30, 2022
Current Context: The Forest Declaration Assessment 2022 was published that showed that the worldwide deforestation rates declined only by 6.3% in 2021 keeping 2018-2020 as a baseline.
Forest Declaration Assessment 2022
  • According to the assessment, Brazil was the largest contributor to deforestation in 2021 in the world.
  • The South-American nation saw a rise of 3% in the rate of deforestation in 2021.
  • The report mentioned that the global tree cover increased by 130.9 million hectares over the past 20 years.
  • The most noteworthy improvements were observed in:
  1. Russia (28.4%)
  2. Canada (13.0%)
  3. United States (10.7%)
  4. Brazil (6.2%)
  5. China (5%)
  • With around 2.1 million hectares under tree cover, China showed the maximum growth.
  • India has seen a gain of 0.87 million hectares in tree cover.
  • Forest Declaration Assessment is published annually by the New York Declaration on Forests (NYDF) Assessment since 2015 and updates on progress toward global forest goals.


Q.1 According to the recently released Forest Declaration Assessment 2022, the worldwide deforestation rates declined by?
a. 5.3%
b. 6.3%
c. 7.3%
d. 8.3%
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