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Global sovereign debt roundtable held in Bengaluru

Published on February 16, 2023
Current context: A Global Sovereign Debt Roundtable is scheduled to be held in Bengaluru during the G20 meeting to discuss the issues that hinder the debt restructuring processes.
Global sovereign debt roundtable held in Bengaluru

  • The event will be co-chaired by the IMF, World Bank, and India (as the 2023 President). The main objective of the discussion will be to identify the impediments in the debt restructuring processes.
  • Sovereign debt is the amount that a government owes to financial organizations, including domestic and foreign ones.
  • The sovereign debt rating reflects the amount of debt a country has, and investors make their investment decisions based on this rating.
  • To reduce sovereign debts, the World Bank and IMF launched debt restructuring processes, which will be discussed at the roundtable.
  • The G20 Finance Track, which focuses on inclusive finance and digital finance, will also be held, during which countries will discuss the financial issues they faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, share their fiscal policies and taxation lessons, and work towards providing funds to developing countries in need.
  • The IMF and World Bank will play a key role in providing loans and concessional finances to economically vulnerable countries, with the aim of supporting poverty reduction and growth trust.


Q.1 Where is the Global sovereign debt roundtable being held?
a. Guwahati
b. Indore
c. Chennai
d. Bengaluru 

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