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NASA announced a four-member team of astronauts under Mission Artemis-2

Published on April 05, 2023
Current Context: NASA’s Artemis II mission is a crewed lunar flyby mission that aims to send four astronauts in the first crewed Orion MPCV Spacecraft into a lunar flyby for a maximum of 21 days using the Block 1 variant of the Space Launch System.
NASA announced a four-member team of astronauts under Mission Artemis-2
  • NASA has announced a team of four astronauts for the lunar mission Artemis-2, which will fly around the Moon for a 10-day mission next year.
  • In this team of 4 members, Ms Kochi will be the 1st women to walk around the moon.
  • The mission profile is a multi-trans lunar injection (MTLI), or multiple departure burns, and includes a free return trajectory from the Moon
The names of the 4 astronauts are:
  1. Reid Wiseman
  2. Victor Glover
  3. Christina Koch
  4. Jeremy Hanson.
  • As part of the Artemis II mission, the spacecraft will be powered by a NASA SLS rocket with nuclear power.
  • The mission is slated to launch in late 2024.


Q.1 NASA planned how many astronauts for the mission Artemis-2?
a. 5
b. 6
c. 4
d. 3
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