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National Electricity Plan' released for the year 2022-27

Published on April 07, 2023

Current Context: The latest draft of the National Electricity Plan (NEP) covers the period 2022-27, marking a significant change from its previous version, which mainly focused on renewable energy.

National Electricity Plan' released for the year 2022-27
  • This highlights the need for additional coal-based capacity ranging from 17 GW to about 28 GW by 2031-32, over and above the 25 GW coal-based capacities currently under construction.
  • The draft plan also highlights the need for significant investment in battery storage with an estimated requirement of between 51 GW to 84 GW by 2031-32.
  • This will increase the Plant Load Factor (PLF) of coal-fired power plants from 55% in 2026-27 to 62% in 2031-32.
  • It also emphasizes the challenges posed by increasing reliance on renewable energy, which will require careful management and planning in the years ahead.


Q.1 For which duration was National Electricity Plan was released?
c. 2022-2024
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