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World's First Conservation and Breeding Centre for Asian Vultures

Published on April 12, 2023
Current Context: In Uttar Pradesh's Maharajganj district, the Jataayu Conservation and Breeding Centre (JCBC) has constructed and designed the first-ever centre focused on the preservation of Asian king vultures.
World's First Conservation and Breeding Centre for Asian Vultures
  • The Jatayu Conservation and Breeding Center (JCBC), a joint project of the CAMPA Fund, the Bombay Natural History Society, and the Wildlife Research Institute, has been established in Uttar Pradesh's Maharajganj district with the aim of conserving Asian king vultures.
  • The centre has been built on 1.5 hectares of land in Gorakhpur Forest division at a cost of approximately Rs 15 crore and includes various aviaries such as breeding and holding aviaries, a nursery aviary for juveniles, a hospital and recovery aviary, a food processing centre, and an incubation centre.
  • The JCBC intends to breed a minimum of 40 vultures during the course of its 15-year project. To ensure a 100% success rate, there is an incubation centre to artificially rear eggs, and a food processing centre where food for the vultures will be prepared and tested before being fed.
  • The vulture population has dwindled in recent years due to the widespread use of the NSAID diclofenac in veterinary medicine in India, which has since been banned.
Asian vulture
  • The Asian king vulture, also known as the red-headed vulture, is found primarily in northern India.
  • It was classified as 'Near Threatened' by the IUCN in 2004, and later as 'Critically Endangered' in 2007.
  • In an effort to conserve vultures in the country, the Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change launched the 'Vulture Action Plan 2020-25', which proposes the establishment of four rescue centres in different regions of India, including Pinjore in Haryana, Bhopal in central India, Guwahati in the northeast, and Hyderabad in the south.


Q.1 Where was the World's first conservation and breeding centre for Asian vultures (Jataayu) built?
a. UP
b. MP
c. AP
d. Tamil Nadu

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