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UNESCO Adds 18 New Geoparks to UNESCO Global Geoparks Network

Published on March 30, 2024
Current Context: UNESCO’s Executive Board has indeed endorsed the addition of 18 new sites to the UNESCO Global Geoparks network.
UNESCO Adds 18 New Geoparks to UNESCO Global Geoparks Network
  • This brings the total number of geoparks to 213 in 48 countries.
  • The new geoparks are situated in Brazil, China, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, and Spain.
  • There is also an additional new transboundary geopark spanning Belgium and the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
  • The UNESCO Global Geopark label was created in 2015.
  • It recognizes geological heritage of international significance.
  • Geoparks serve local communities by combining the conservation of their significant geological heritage with public outreach and a sustainable approach to development.
  • The 18 new designations have brought the network up to 213 UNESCO Global Geoparks, covering a total surface area of 486,709 km², equivalent to twice the size of the United Kingdom.
  • Here are some examples of the new geoparks:
    • Caçapava UNESCO Global Geopark, Brazil: Known as ‘the place where the jungle ends’ by the Guarani, an indigenous people in Brazil. Its geological heritage, which consists of mining sulfide metals and marble, has been vital for the region’s economic development.
    • Quarta Colônia UNESCO Global Geopark, Brazil: Located in the south of Brazil between the Pampa and Atlantic Forest biomes. Its name is a reference to the period when Italians colonised the central part of the state of Rio Grande do Sul.
    • Schelde Delta UNESCO Global Geopark, Belgium and Kingdom of the Netherlands: Holds a unique geological position between the sinking North Sea Basin and the rising Brabant Massif.


Q.1 What is the total number of geoparks in the UNESCO Global Geoparks network after the recent addition?
a. 200
b. 230
c. 220
d. 213
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