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Exercise “DUSTLIK 2024’’: India-Uzbekistan Joint Military Exercise

Published on April 19, 2024
Current Context: Exercise DUSTLIK 2024 is a joint military exercise between India and Uzbekistan that recently concluded.
Exercise “DUSTLIK 2024’’: India-Uzbekistan Joint Military Exercise To Strengthen Bilateral Relations
  • Here's a breakdown of the key points:
    • Goal: Strengthen bilateral military cooperation and improve joint operational capabilities.
    • Location: Termez, Uzbekistan (This year's host. Alternates between India and Uzbekistan)
    • Dates: April 15th to April 28th, 2024
  • Significance:
    • Signifies a growing military partnership between India and Uzbekistan.
    • Provides a platform for troops to train together in challenging terrains, enhancing their ability to conduct joint operations.
    • Contributes to regional stability.
    • Troop Participation:
  • India: Around 60 personnel, including army (mostly from the JAT Regiment) and air force.
  • Uzbekistan: Specific numbers haven't been publicly disclosed, but it's likely a similar contingent size.
  • This exercise is a positive development for India-Uzbekistan relations, promoting military cooperation and understanding.


Q.1 What was the primary goal of Exercise DUSTLIK 2024?
a. To improve joint military operations
b. To strengthen cultural ties
c. To showcase military might
d. To resolve political disputes
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