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‘FLEX’ lunar rover successfully tested in California’s Mojave Desert by Venturi Astrolab Inc

Published on April 05, 2024
Current Context: Venturi Astrolab Inc. has successfully tested the ‘FLEX’ lunar rover in California’s Mojave Desert.
‘FLEX’ lunar rover successfully tested in California’s Mojave Desert by Venturi Astrolab Inc
  • The FLEX rover is designed for NASA’s Artemis program and offers enhanced capabilities and versatility for lunar exploration and site construction.
  • Astrolab announced that the FLEX rover is expected to be the largest and most capable rover ever to travel to the Moon.
  • With a maximum combined rover and cargo mass of more than two tons, the FLEX rover is nearly three times the mass of its largest predecessor.
  • This increased capacity provides significantly more opportunities to conduct scientific experiments and commercial endeavors on the lunar surface.
  • Astrolab has reached an agreement with Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) for the company to transport Astrolab’s Flexible Logistics and Exploration (FLEX) rover on an upcoming mission to the Moon.
  • Astrolab plans for this rover to be the first in a fleet of FLEX rovers on the lunar surface that will accelerate the vision of creating a permanent human presence on the.
  • SpaceX will use the Starship launch and landing system for this mission as soon as mid-2026.


Q.1 Who has successfully tested the ‘FLEX’ lunar rover?
b. SpaceX
c. Venturi Astrolab Inc.
d. Blue Origin
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