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6 July - World Zoonoses Day

Published on July 06, 2024
Current Context: World Zoonoses Day is celebrated on July 6th every year. It raises awareness about zoonotic diseases, which can spread between animals and humans.
6 July - World Zoonoses Day
  • The day is named after Louis Pasteur, who developed the first rabies vaccine on this date in 1885.
  • Zoonoses make up about 60% of all infectious diseases in humans.
  • Common zoonotic diseases include rabies, HIV/AIDS, influenza, Lyme disease, and West Nile virus.
  • To prevent zoonotic diseases:
    • Practice good hygiene (washing hands, avoiding sick animals).
    • Cook meat and eggs thoroughly.
    • Get vaccinated against relevant zoonotic diseases.
    • Support One Health initiatives promoting collaboration between human, animal, and environmental health professionals.
  • The theme for World Zoonoses Day 2024 was "One World, One Health: Prevent Zoonoses", emphasizing a united approach to preventing future outbreaks.


1 When is World Zoonoses Day celebrated?

  • A) June 5th
  • B) July 6th
  • C) August 10th
  • D) September 15th
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