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Women Entrepreneurship Platform and TransUnion CIBIL Partner to Launch SEHER Program

Published on July 05, 2024
Current Context: SEHER, a credit education program launched by the Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP) and TransUnion CIBIL, aims to empower women entrepreneurs in India.
Women Entrepreneurship Platform and TransUnion CIBIL Partner to Launch SEHER Program
  • Here are the key details:
    • Objective: SEHER will increase awareness among women entrepreneurs about finances and accessing and managing credit.
    • Significance: India has approximately 63 million micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), of which around 20% are women-owned. By accelerating women’s entrepreneurship, India could potentially create more than 30 million new women-owned enterprises, leading to 150 to 170 million additional jobs.
    • Collaboration: WEP, a public-private partnership platform incubated at Niti Aayog, aims to create an enabling ecosystem for women entrepreneurs. SEHER is part of WEP’s Financing Women Collaborative (FWC), which accelerates access to finance for women entrepreneurs.
    • Launch: The SEHER program was launched by Ms. Anna Roy, Mission Director at WEP, and Principal Economic Adviser at NITI Aayog. It was introduced in the presence of key stakeholders from the financial sector.
    • Focus Areas: SEHER provides financial literacy content and business skills, helping women entrepreneurs access the financial tools they need for growth and job creation.
    • TransUnion CIBIL’s Role: TransUnion CIBIL aims to propagate financial knowledge and improve the skills of women entrepreneurs, enabling successful business management and sustained growth.


1 What is the main objective of the SEHER program?

  • A) To provide grants to women entrepreneurs
  • B) To create a mentorship network for women in business
  • C) To offer business loans specifically for women
  • D) To increase awareness about finances and credit management among women entrepreneurs
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